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Palm Beach Lighting was founded on three principles: product quality, integrity, and fairness to the customer. Our combined backgrounds provide our company with many years of design and restoration expertise. As you browse the pages of our website, you'll notice that our fixtures speak of timeless elegance and beauty. Also, as a result of our family heritage, you'll note distinct design influences from Italy, France and South Florida. Like many of the inspired European and present day architectural designs, our lighting will grace many generations of your family's homes with beauty, elegance, and of course light!

At Palm Beach Lighting, chandeliers, wall sconces and lamps are not only our business, they are our passion! We take a great deal of pride in our products and services.

Assembly craftsmen are detail oriented as they "breathe life" into our designs. Finishes are applied by hand (not machine) to create the finished product only to be inspected by our Quality control division. Our quality control division ensures that all of our products are crafted with exacting care and meticulous attention... right down to the last important detail. For your convenience, all of our lighting arrives complete with the necessary hardware (chain, ceiling canopy, mounting hardware, etc...). If you have a special need (for example, an exceptionally high ceiling requiring additional chain) please let us know. We are always happy to help!


We know that electrical safety is a major concern. Stringent testing and design specifications have earned our manufacturing site the safety assurances of Underwriters Laboratories (UL). All of our UL listed products proudly bear the distinct UL label, assuring you and your family the safest electrical product available. And all of our products are tested to the same stringent UL standards prior to being packed and shipped with care.


Our goal is to earn your trust and respect as a client. We know that is no small task. To that extent, our philosophy is to do whatever it takes to make our clients happy.

Our fixtures speak for themselves, but at Palm Beach Lighting, we believe we provide the best service, lighting design, and craft the BEST LIGHTING PRODUCTS on the market today. Once you purchase our product, we know you'll agree!

Fire Safety and UL Listing

Fire safety is no laughing matter. If you have a prized antique or heirloom chandelier, take a few minutes to examine it for potential fire hazards such as cracked wiring or loose sockets. There are 40,000 fires from faulty wiring or electrical problems EVERY YEAR. Watch our 3-minute instructional video for more info and if you're worried about potential hazards call us at (561) 547.6600 for an appointment today.